Trying to get pregnant, wanting to conceive naturally after 30, or at any age? Let me tell you some tips that no matter of your age would increase your fertility and help you conceive. I’ll give you not only practical but useful tips on how to bring you a step closer to that positive test!

Preparation is key when trying to conceive.

You may or may not be aware of this, but preparation is key when it comes to fertility!  For the best outcome, you need a healthy egg and healthy sperm in an optimum environment.  This would not only help you to conceive but will support a healthy pregnancy.


A healthy lifestyle is necessary to ensure healthy egg and sperm.  Remember if you make lifestyle changes, it will take around 3 months to reach benefit – as your cells in your body replace itself every 3 months!  That is good news!  And remember a few small changes add up to a more significant outcome.

Reduce or stop alcohol and smoking -the harmful effects of this are well documented.

Make sure you drink enough water.  Your body needs water, and it is vital for healthy sperm and also for good quality cervical mucus.  Caffeine is not your friend as it has an impact on your stress hormones which in turn would influence your reproductive hormones.

Reduce sugar in your diet and eat an array of fruit and vegetables, protein and very importantly, healthy fats.

Make sure you sleep enough.  Your body needs rest to be healthy and functioning at its’ best level.

Reduce stress!

Stress one of the biggest enemies of fertility!  If your body thinks it is in danger (which is what happens when we are wired and fired all the time) it is not going to reproduce.  Your body is always going to protect itself and focus all its resources on survival.

Exercise is an excellent way of getting on top of those stress hormones.

Practice self-care:  Say no when needed.  Step away from social media when you cannot face another pregnancy announcement.

Feel your feelings, don’t try to suppress them, but work through them.  Journaling, meditation, Eft are just some of the tools you may find helpful.

Regulate your cycle

Last but not least, regulate your cycle!  A homeopathic detox may help with this if you don’t ovulate or have irregular periods.  Deal with PMT, mood swings and balance your hormones.

Heavy metal detox is relevant for men where there are sperm abnormalities or low sperm count.

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