When trying for a baby, low libido is not what you need.  But love making often turns into baby making and that can cause some strain on a relationship. Making love on a schedule does little to encourage feelings of love and intimacy and often leads to a reduction in desire too.  Today I want to talk to you about low libido in women, how imbalances in particular hormones might be making it worse and what you can do about it.

It is important to understand that a woman’s libido fluctuates in line with her menstrual cycle. Libido increases around ovulation and in some cases just before your period. But if your libido is as flat as a pancake, it is normally a sign of some hormonal imbalance. Stress can play a big part, but there can be other hormones to blame.

The most common ones are:

You are wired, but tired.
Feeling overwhelmed.
Sugar cravings

Breast tenderness
Irregular periods

Under-active thyroid
Fatigue, low energy
Weight gain
Hair loss

Anxiety and depression
Loss of confidence
Longer menstrual cycle/irregular periods

Do not despair! Homeopathy can help to regulate your hormones, raise your energy levels and also your libido.

If you’d rather mop the floor than baby-dance, Sepia may be the remedy for you!  But it may not be the right remedy for you!  You are unique and your symptoms are unique.   Homeopathic treatment should always be tailored to you.  It may be that you need to detox hormonal contraceptives or need another remedy like folliculinum, Natrum Muraticum and the list can go on.

Remedies are great to bring hormones back in balance and not just your reproductive hormones, but also your thyroid and stress hormones. All of them work closely together and if one is out of balance, it will have an impact on the others.

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