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Magda Wright Homeopath 
I help couples reclaim their fertility, to conceive naturally and have their dream family.

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Do you want to reclaim your fertility and conceive naturally?

Dreaming of starting or extending your family but feeling more and more disappointed by those negative tests?

I offer natural treatment plans that work with your body to restore your natural fertility, allowing you to conceive naturally and carry your pregnancy to term.

During treatment my clients typically experience:

  • More regular and better quality periods
  • Better timed ovulation
  • Reduction of PMT and painful periods
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved libido
  • Better understanding of cervical mucus
  • Less emotional strain

You can find out more about how I work here or book in for a no obligation informal chat here

Thank you Magda, two weeks into my treatment I have so much more energy, I feel excited about my journey and what is to come!
I came to see Magda as my periods were very irregular and I suffered from PMT. One week a month I turned into a monster! Thanks to her “magic pills” she sorted it and I no longer dread “that week of the month”. It changed my life.
I turned to Magda for my perimenopausal symptoms, I had an immediate improvement of my symptoms. Thank you Magda.

I am interested in:


Non fertility

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