Sometimes our fertility (and health) suffer due to a substance that causes a block in our system. This can disrupt our hormones and the way they interact. A homeopathic detox can restore your hormone balance and reset your fertility. If you do one of my packages, I include this when necessary in the treatment.

Examples of hormone-disrupting substances are:

• Hormonal contraceptives
• Steroids
• Fertility drugs
• Labour drugs
• Heavy metals

Steroids are used in eczema creams, inhalers, eye drops and for allergies, to name a few. Steroids not only weakens the immune system but also puts a block on our hormonal system. Removing this is essential for hormone balance.
Hormonal contraceptives, fertility drugs and labour drugs are all synthetic hormones. They disrupt our hormonal balance and can have lasting effects. Detoxing them can reset our hormones and fertility.

Heavy metal toxicity influences our health and fertility in various ways. I have done a blog on this, and you can read it here.
Homeopathic detox offers an effective solution to restore your health and fertility. It can reset your hormones. It is not hard to do, but I would advise you not to do it on your own. While reactions and aggravations are uncommon, you must have someone to guide you while doing your detox.

If you do one of my packages, I include this when necessary in the treatment. If you only want to do a detox, you can purchase it from my website and book your appointments through the link emailed to you.

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