When trying to conceive, everyone is aware of cervical mucus and how it can indicate or predict ovulation. But there is a lot more to it and it is very important to have good quality and quantity of cervical mucus. Read on to learn about cervical mucus and how it changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

The Role of Cervical Mucus

During the infertile part of your menstrual cycle, you have thick yet less cervical mucus. This is to prevent foreign material (including sperm) entering the uterus. This is the way your body protects itself from bacteria and infections. Our bodies are so clever!

During your fertile window, as you know the mucus becomes more watery to allow sperm to enter the vagina.

Sperm needs to move quite a distance to meet the egg. Healthy mucus not only help the sperm to move towards the egg, but it also nourishes the sperm on this journey. Therefore, the quality of your cervical mucus is very important for conception.

How Much Mucus?

You should have plenty of cervical mucus, enough to stain your underwear, especially during your fertile window. When you wipe, there should be a visible amount on the tissue. That is a sign of good hormonal health. If you don’t have this amount, I have some tips to help you achieve this.

Factors that can impact cervical mucus:


  • Candida

Candida can have a direct impact on the consistency of mucus in the vagina. You don’t have to experience itching to have candida. Candida can be caused by the (past) use of the oral contraceptive pill or antibiotics. Both can be detoxed with homeopathy. Too much sugar in your diet is also a factor, as sugar feeds the candida. Reduce sugar intake and pay attention to labels as sugar can be present even if you don’t think it can. Remedies can help you do get rid of candida in a natural and effective way.

Avoid perfumed products and deodorant in the vaginal area. Even perfumed toilet tissue can affect the pH vaginal balance.


  • Balance your hormones

If all the relevant hormones in your menstrual cycle are not in harmony, it can affect the quality and quantity of your cervical mucus. I explained all these hormones in a blog which you can read.  Homeopathy can offer a gentle but effective way of harmonising your hormones.


  • Stay Hydrated

This is a very basic way of making sure your body has the optimum resources to produce the ideal cervical mucus you require, but so often we don’t hydrate enough.



Homeopathic treatment is individualised, and you don’t need a lot of tests to get treatment.  By treating the person and bring the whole body in balance, your body will be able to utilise its self-healing mechanism and get you in optimum condition for conception and pregnancy. If you would like to find out more, you can book a free discovery call with me here.

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