When trying to conceive the question on everyone’s mind is: when do I ovulate?  There are many signs and getting in tune with your body is one of the most effective in my view, but I shall explain all your options below:

How many days after your period do you ovulate?

It all depends on your cycle, but you generally ovulate 14 days before your period.  If your cycle is 28 days, it will be slap bang in the middle, but if your cycle is longer, shorter or regular cycle, it can be tricky to pinpoint.  But don’t worry, I’m going to make it easy for you.


How can you tell when you are ovulating?

You can use ovulation strips.  They work by measuring your luteinizing hormone (LH).  When your LH suddenly surge it sends the message to your ovary to release the egg and you ovulate! This is how these stips work.

Testing strips are not for everyone! You may find all the testing adds to stress and anxiety.


Charting to know when you ovulate….

Charting involved You taking your basal temperature every morning before you get out of bed and chart it. Your basal body temperature spikes just after ovulation.  When you see this rise in basal body temperature, you know you have ovulated.  But remember your fertile window is before ovulation and only a very short period after ovulation.


Charting is not for everyone.  If you are working shifts or have young children waking up frequently through the night, it is often not possible to get accurate readings.  You may also find that you don’t like the rigidity, or it just adds too much stress, the opposite of what we want right now.  If that is you, look out for these signs Instead.

You should know by now I like to keep things straight forward and the less stress the better!  Trying to conceive can be very stressful, and I am all for reducing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Your body will give you clear signs to know when you ovulate.

And you may find your partner may pick up on these signs even before you do!

  • Increased libido
  • Clear watery cervical mucus
  • Breast tenderness
  • Mood changes
  • Pain on one side/ovary
  • Temperature rises
  • Heightened sense of smell or vision
  • Changes of cervix
  • Light spotting
  • Clumsiness/forgetful

While the focus when trying to conceive is on ovulation, and yes it is essential to know that you are ovulating.  Your fertile window is before ovulation as sperm have a much longer lifespan than an egg.

Therefore it comes back to a balanced cycle, a healthy egg and healthy sperm give you the best chance of that dream baby!

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