When trying to conceive it vital to know the right time to have intercourse.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but let me help you by explaining. 



 It is helpful to know when you ovulate.  But you may not have a regular cycle and like me find testing strips too stressful.  If that is you, you can read my blog on knowing when you ovulate here.   

  Most couples only babydance around the time of ovulation, thinking this is the best time to get pregnant. But remember you ovulate at the end of your fertile window!   Once the egg is released, it is only viable for a short time.   Life can get in the way, shift work, business trips, and other things can put a spanner in the wheel!

 The good news is healthy sperm can live much longer!


 Healthy Sperm and  your fertile window


Healthy sperm have a lifespan of around 5/6 days and in some cases, even longer.  This is what gives you a fertile window!   So, you can have intercourse five days before your ovulation, and you can still get pregnant. 

The closer to ovulation the higher the chances.  It takes the average man around 30-40 hours to be able to return to his usual level of sperm production after he ejaculates.  So daily intercourse is not helpful!


Optimum time


I recommend to couples to have intercourse every 2-3 days the week before ovulation for the best chance of conception.

 Importantly make sure your eggs and sperm are in optimum condition.  If you want to know how I can help you achieve your dream baby, have a look at what your fertility journey with me will be.


Baby dust to all!