To move forward you need to deal with your past?  Why?  Your body holds an imprint of all events, physical and emotional, and that may be the key to your fertility. You can improve your emotional wellbeing by dealing with events from the past in a gentle way with homeopathy. Let me tell you more.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Do you feel you cannot cope? Everything is too much? Think of your stress levels as a glass filled with water; if the glass is full, one drop of water can make it overflow; if the glass is half full, one drop will not make it overflow. You cannot stop the drops of everyday stress coming in, but if you deal with what is already in the glass, the glass will have room.

We all carry emotional baggage and our energy can sometimes get stuck at a certain past event..…the sadness you carry because your heart is broken; the anger you have thinking of the school bullies; the deep sadness from the baby you have lost; the recurrent miscarriages..…the list goes on. Letting go of these emotions can be difficult and often we just suppress them and get on with things.

Suppression of emotions

This can happen because we do not give ourselves the time or space to feel the emotions. You put on your mask to not let others see how you feel, but those feelings do not go away; they reappear and often intensify over time. These emotions can become who we are or sometimes we are not even aware of these unresolved emotions, but they always resurface in some shape or form.

We all express these emotions in different ways; you may be angry without knowing why, wanting consolation or crying by yourself. Homeopathic remedies can help to unlock these emotions from past events in a gentle and effective way. If you work with me, I will design a tailor-made treatment plan for you based on your physical, mental and emotional states. You are welcome to book a free chat with me here to see how you can benefit.



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