When you are trying to conceive, stress is not your friend! You can’t avoid daily stress, but here are some tips to help you manage it. 


  • Simplify your life

    It is so easy to take on more and more and overload your todo list with unnecessary activities and chores.  Instead, find a way to leave some things out.  Learn to say no when needed.  Put some blank time in your diary to give you some time to be in the day even if it is just 10 minutes each day where you can do nothing but be with yourself. 


  • Manage your time efficiently

    It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you have to do!  Make sure you update your to-do list both at work and at home daily.  Delegate where you can, and it is more manageable to divide large projects into smaller tasks. 


  • Take time out

    So often I hear people do not take a break during their workday.  You may think you do not have the time, but taking a quick walk can give you renewed energy, focus and a clear head for the task at hand. 


  • Reframe your thinking

     Focus on the positive.  When you find yourself thinking, “I cannot do this,” switch gears.  Think instead, “This will be tough, but I can make it work.” 


  • Have fun

    Make sure you find time to do something you enjoy every day!  Even if it is just 15 minutes each day.  It could be reading a book, meeting a friend for a coffee, or calling your bestie.  Doing something you enjoy is a natural way to combat stress and build resilience. 


  • Meditate

     Deep breathing and meditation can help to declutter your head.  It has been proven that regular meditators are happier, less anxious and stressed.   


  • EFT / Tapping

    EFT is a useful tool in helping you to deal with stress and stressful events.  Like meditation, it can help to clear your head and give you more resilience to deal with your stress.  Check out my EFT videos on my YouTube channel. 


Remember to seek help and support when you need help to manage your stress. If you would like to find out more on how homeopathy can help you manage your stress, contact me for a free 15 min chat here.


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