Don’t worry, I am not here to tell you to stop stressing. With homeopathy and other easy to follow tips, I can help you to reduce your adrenaline and other stress hormone levels effectively. Let me tell you more.

Dealing with emotional events of the past

Emotional baggage wearing you down? We all carry events from the past, but sometimes it is hard to let go. You can free up some emotional reserves by dealing with events of the past. I have previously written a blog about that, you can read it here, but make sure you come back to read my tips for reducing stress in your life.

To chart or not to chart?

Trying to conceive when nothing is happening is stressful and while tracking ovulation with charting can be very helpful, sometimes it can add to the stress. I often tell my patients to take a break if it gets too much. Your body will give you clear signs when you are mindful and listen to your body.

Social media

Social media is such a big part of our lives. There are all kinds of groups for couples trying to conceive. Make sure the groups you are in are there to support you and not adding to the stress and anxiety surrounding your fertility journey.

Other quick tips are:

• Learn to take some deep breaths. If you put a hand on your tummy and a hand on your chest, make sure your tummy moves more than your chest. A few times a day just stop and breathe.
• Practise mindfulness; meditate often. If you are new to this, it is easy to find some guided meditations on YouTube or apps like Headspace can be helpful.
• Have fun; ensure that you make time for things you enjoy; also make time to do fun things as a couple.
• Practice self-care; eat well, drink plenty of water and get exercise.
• Get enough sleep.
• Find out how homeopathy can help to balance all your hormones, including stress hormones.

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