Couples working with me have the distinct advantage of hair mineral analysis.  This means they are sure of their mineral levels before they take any supplements ensuring they  get the best out of their supplements. Book your first couple’s appointment with me and have the advantage of key technology. Read on why you don’t want to supplement without this info

The supplement industry is vast and highly competitive. Just join a facebook group regarding fertility and you will see there are so many opinions regarding supplements and the latest “must have” supplement that would help you to conceive that baby!

But do you get the best of your supplements?

I often use hair mineral analysis in practice. A sample of your hair is taken in analysed to tell you more about your health including metal toxicity (a topic for another day) mineral and vitamin levels. In most cases, this would not reflect the supplements people are on as they do not benefit from their supplements.

To get the best from your nutrition and supplements you need a healthy gut as this is where the absorption happens. With our modern diet, high in sugar, additives and low in fibre and also the overuse of antibiotics, our guts are in not a great state. Digestive issues and leaky gut are very common.

Healthy gut

So it is important to make sure your gut is in a healthy state before you start to spend money on expensive supplements otherwise they may just end up in the loo!
Adding fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi to your diet and drinking kefir and kombucha can help to restore gut health.

But one of the best ways of restoring gut health is homeopathy. If you have used a lot of antibiotics in the past an antibiotic detox can help to restore gut balance. Constitutional prescribing looks at the whole person, restoring balance on every level and remedies called bowel nosodes can work specifically on the gut restoring balance.

Before you invest money in supplements you may or may not need, book a consultation with me and get your gut in optimum condition to assimilate the vitamins and minerals in your food and supplements to get the best benefit and get your body in optimum health for conception to happen.