IVF is often touted as the solution for infertility – it’s worth trying other options first but ultimately, if none of them work, IVF is the way to go.  And yet, the success rates for IVF are disappointingly low. 

According to The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, between 2014 and 2016, the percentage of IVF treatments that resulted in a live birth was:

29% for women under 35

23% for women aged 35 to 37

15% for women aged 38 to 39

9% for women aged 40 to 42

3% for women aged 43 to 44

2% for women aged over 44

With each round costing up to £5,000 / $15,000, it’s easy to see how it can quickly become an expensive disappointment.

It’s not only the success rate of IVF that is hard to swallow – what hit me when I started to research this further, is the strain it puts on relationships.  Medications, disruptions to hormone balance, invasive and clinical processes all add to the stress and anxiety a couple are frequently already experiencing.  Sadly, many relationships don’t survive the process.


Getting pregnant requires a healthy sperm meeting healthy egg in a hormonally balanced environment.  Whilst IVF can facilitate the meeting of healthy sperm and egg, it does nothing to support a healthy hormone balance.  Homeopathy works to bring both partners to a state of optimum health and wellbeing to enhance fertility in a gentle and efficient way.

If you’d like to know more about how I work with homeopathy to support couples on their fertility journey, you can find more details here