When trying to conceive, you know how important oestrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones are. But did you know your thyroid hormones are just as important? It influences all other hormones in your body. Let me tell you more and you can see the importance of your thyroid and how homeopathy can help.  Not just to balance your thyroid hormones, but all other hormones.

It is estimated that 6-10% of women of reproductive age experience thyroid issues. An underactive thyroid can cause conditions, such as, PCOS. I have also experienced many women that have a too low body temperature to conceive due to thyroid imbalance.

Can it be my thyroid as my blood tests are “normal”?

Blood tests measure your hormone levels and there is a range that is deemed to be normal. But if you used to be on the higher end of the range and now are on the lower end, your results would still be classed as “normal”. However, this is not “normal” for you! As a homeopath, I do not rely on blood tests; while they may be useful, your body and your symptoms would tell me what is going on with your thyroid.

The clue is in the symptoms.

Here are a few symptoms that may point me in the direction of supporting your thyroid:
• Low or high body temperature. Do you always feel colder/warmer than everyone else?
• Appetite and cravings;
• How you feel in yourself;
• Your sleep patterns;
• Your energy levels.

Permanent restoration is not just a temporary fix

With homeopathy, you don’t need a lifetime of medication. By restoring balance and kick starting your thyroid to function at optimal level, the results will be effective and permanent.

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