Did you know your hair stores valuable information about your health?

Analysing your hair in a lab gives us an useful insight to not only your mineral levels, but also to any accumulated toxic metals (e.g. mercury, lead, aluminium). The result of this kit both identifies some deficiencies and toxicities that are otherwise not easy to detect, as well as speeding up the identification of others.

A mineral analysis will show up any hidden deficiencies, which may mean a simple tweak in your diet or supplement regime can make a big difference. It will also give insight to how your body makes use of minerals .

You may initially not see (a lot) of metals in the test results because they are hidden in organs. High levels of some metals prevent the body from being able to use various minerals, meaning we see disproportionate levels of these in the hair mineral analysis instead.

It is for example, not uncommon to see the body is dumping calcium in the hair when mercury toxicity is present. It is easy to see that result and think you have too much calcium. In reality, however, you are likely lacking it because the calcium is not being put to use, but instead thrown out!

I use Andrew Hall Cutler’s method to interpret hair mineral analysis results. When I see minerals at disproportionate levels, I will prescribe remedies for a heavy metal detox.


Heavy metals and fertility

Heavy metals such as copper, lead, aluminium and mercury can build up in our bodies over time and can lead to an array of fertility issues, although often with no visible symptoms. When a couple suffers from recurrent miscarriages, detoxing heavy metals is high on my list for both of them.

For females, heavy metal toxicity can lead to:
• Disrupted cycles
• Low egg quality
• Recurrent miscarriages;

For males:
• low sperm count,
• Sperm morphology issues, and
• low sperm mobility

Remember, you need healthy sperm and a healthy egg for a healthy pregnancy. Therefore both partners need to be checked for best results.