Frustrated by infertility since you stopped using contraceptives? Did you know that contraceptives can have side effects?   These can persist, sometimes long after the time you stop taking them.  Read on to find out how homeopathy can help reverse the effects of contraceptives and restore your natural fertility.

Turning off your reproductive system

Contraceptives work by disrupting your natural fertility, most commonly by reducing hormone levels. This reduction turns off the reproductive system and helps avoid pregnancy. In many cases, hormonal contraceptives are prescribed to deal with things like PMT or other issues relating to the menstrual cycle. However, it is not always explained to the patient that the way this works is not to balance your cycle, but to turn it off. If you bleed monthly while on the contraceptive pill that is not a period, it is withdrawal bleeding. This is not a sign of ovulation. Homeopathy can offer an effective way of dealing with these issues whilst also balancing your hormones.

Getting your body back to normal

The main problem is that once you stop the contraception your body may take some time to return to its normal function. In some cases, the body can forget how to function normally because it has been turned off for such a long period of time. Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful tool which helps the body remember how to function at the optimum level and brings the hormones back into balance.

It is easy to forget the contraceptive pill is a powerful drug with potential side effects that need to be considered. Some women may have no problem conceiving after the use of hormonal contraceptives, whilst others face challenges. This is where our uniqueness lies, we are not all the same and some women may be more sensitive to the hormonal interference than others. For some the hormonal contraceptives, they have used in the past can actually be the reason for their infertility or at least a contributing factor.

Working with me means working to restore balance in your body and deal with the effects hormonal contraception might have had on your body. Book a 15 minute discovery call here.

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