Natural Fertility

Magda Wright Homeopath 
I help couples reclaim their fertility, to conceive naturally and have their dream family.

FREE 15 minute find out more session

I do treat children and adults for a variety of conditions. I have a limited number of non-fertility appointments available each month, including acute appointments. If you would like to book please do it here.


The consultation takes the form of a conversation between me and the patient. I will ask details about your medical history and your family history. I will need to know about your symptoms in great detail. I will also ask you about your feelings, thoughts, cravings, appetite, likes, dislikes, sleep and much more.

All these details help me to build a picture of you and your unique symptoms. This will enable me to prescribe remedies tailor-made for you.

Consultations are either via Skype/Zoom or face to face in my clinics.

1st appointment

Follow-up appointment

Acute consultation

Hair mineral analysis

EFT Session

Child *

£70 book

£50 book

£35 book


£80 book


£95 book

£70 book

£35 book


£80 book

* under 16

Homeopathic remedies are not included.