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Getting pregnant requires a healthy sperm meeting a healthy egg in a hormonally balanced environment.  It sounds like it should be so easy!  We often get the picture that having a family is easy.  You can use various contraceptives to avoid pregnancy for as long as you want, then whenever you’re ready, stop taking them and whaalaa…you conceive and you are pregnant!

The reality is, unfortunately, not always so straight forward.   There are, however, a whole host of issues that can come into play, affecting your hormonal health and preventing pregnancy.


Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone based contraceptives such as the pill, the injection or an IUS (Mirena or Jaydass coil) are designed to disrupt the natural hormone cycle of your body, preventing you from getting pregnant.  Unfortunately, this disruption isn’t always instantly reversed once you stop using the contraceptive.

Even if you have managed to avoid any contraceptive based disruption to your hormone balance, life events such as trauma, stress and grief can all have an impact.  Your body is hard wired for survival and can do some impressive things as a result. One of these is to prioritise those bodily functions that keep you alive over those which allow for reproduction.  Experiencing lots of ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses can put your body into a place where it produces more adrenaline to help you in those moments, rather than focussing on producing the correct amounts of estrogen and progesterone or testosterone (simplified – include FSH, LH too?)

Working with both the physical issues that may be preventing you from getting pregnant (PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count), as well as the environmental factors that can be encouraging your body to focus on survival instead of reproduction is key to bringing your much wanted baby into the world.

When you are dealing with fertility issues, life can become very restricted and scheduled – a list of what to eat and not to eat, a longer list of what to do and not to do and even more rules around when to have sex!  All of this can contribute to increased stress levels, strain on your relationship and definitely takes a lot of the joy of spontaneity out of life…all of which contribute to the vicious cycle of infertility.


The Nourishing Fertility Approach

The Nourishing Fertility Approach is a plan that brings together the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment with my own experiences with infertility as well as my knowledge and experience of the impact of stress and other environmental factors.

Treatment on the Nourishing Fertility Approach is tailored to the specific needs of each couple and will focus on any physical health issues, building resilience, maintaining a strong healthy relationship and giving you the tools you need to thrive whilst you travel this particular road.

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