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Magda Wright Homeopath 
I help couples reclaim their fertility, to conceive naturally and have their dream family.

Your Fertility Journey with Magda


Sign Up

Sign up for the package of your choice and you’ll be able to book your appointments for days and times that suit you in my calendar.  You can choose whether to include yourself and/or your partner


Fertility Assessment

This is your first appointment and will take up to 90 minutes.  We will discuss your fertility and any test results you may have in detail, as well as taking a full medical history.  There will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have too.


Hair Mineral Analysis

You will receive a test kit through the post, follow the instructions for taking a sample then send it to the lab in the envelope provided.  Results will be sent to me and I shall provide you will a copy

Hair Mineral Analysis

Treatment Plan

Using the information from your fertility assessment and hair mineral analysis, I will create a tailored treatment plan for you.  This will work to prepare your body for pregnancy as well as dealing with general health issues and restoring vitality


Your Commitment

– Order your remedies and take them as prescribed
– Follow any lifestyle advice I have given to you
– Follow the Nourish Fertility course to support your journey
– Make time for your partner and enjoy time in the bedroom

Your Big Fat Positive


Your Big Fat Positive!

When you get your positive test this package continues, just with the focus shifting from TTC to supporting a healthy pregnancy and childbirth

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Got questions?  Want to find out more before making your decision?  Contact me here and I’ll get back to you