The fertility assessment is a 1.5hr long appointment. We will discuss any test results you have, your medical history and your lifestyle.

How to prepare for your assessment?

First of all, don’t worry about it. This is just a chat, it’s not a test and there is no judgement or pressure. We are just assessing your fertility in a very different but effective way!

Bring results of all the tests you have. It is a good idea to make notes of things before the appointment as it is easy to forget some details during the consult. Get some information from your family if possible (see below).
All of this information will guide me to tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs.

The consultation

We will start with your current health and your fertility in as much detail as possible. I will look at any tests you might have had as additional information (don’t worry if you don’t have any).
It is helpful for us to explore the following in detail:

• Your general health

We will look at your appetite, cravings, digestion, sleep, aches, pains, to name a few…

• Your periods

Your menstrual cycle is a window to your health and can tell me so much about your hormones and health in general. We will explore how long your period is, how regular, PMT symptoms, and much more.

• Medical history

Knowing any illnesses you are prone to (e.g. tonsilitus, sinus problems, UTI’s) along with details of regular medications and previous illnesses, in some cases as far back as babyhood, means we can explore the various layers of health

• Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a significant influence on your fertility. If you have a hectic life, do you have ‘time/room’ for a baby? We will explore your work-life balance and your stress levels, to help you get your dream family.

• Energy levels and vitality

Are you always exhausted? This can point to issues such as hypothyroidism. Do minor illnesses tend to linger? A lack of vitality can suggest that your body is depleted.

• Any mental or emotional blocks you may have

Past events can influence us not just on a mental and emotional level, but also on a physical level. Examples include disappointments, grief, fear, anxiety.

• Family history

It is useful to know of any recurrent illnesses in your family – siblings, parents and grandparents. Details about your mother’s fertility, pregnancies and births if possible, will be helpful too.

• Anything else that you feel may be relevant

All of this information will give me the details I need to assess your wellbeing and fertility. Your symptoms will guide me to where there are imbalances and blocks in your wellbeing that we need to address.

Once we have completed your fertility assessment, I will send you your prescription via email and your hair mineral analysis test kit will arrive shortly afterwards.

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