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Contraceptives, the reason for your infertility?

Frustrated by infertility since you stopped using contraceptives? Did you know that contraceptives can have side effects that persist, sometimes long after the time you stop taking them? Read on to find out how homeopathy can help reverse the effects of contraceptives...

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Stress – what it is and how to cope

We live in an era where most people are stressed most of the time. But do you really know and understand what stress do to you and the implications on your health and wellness? When we get stressed our sympathetic nervous system causes us to go into a “fight or...

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Improve your health with sleep.

We all know that lack of sleep can have a big influence on your mood. Everyone has experienced how grumpy and irritable you can feel after just one bad night’s sleep. Insomnia can actually have a greater impact on your general health then you may realise. Getting the...

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Dealing with the emotional strain of infertility

People often don’t talk about the heartbreak of not being able to get pregnant or suffering from a miscarriage. It is difficult to walk around feeling like life is unfair as you watch so many other people get pregnant when you are really struggling to conceive or stay...

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Homeopathy: effective medicine

I often get asked what is homeopathy and does it work? Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that treats mental, emotional, and physical illness. It treats you as an individual and is catered completely to the individuals process of wellbeing. The main aspects...

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Modern Life Needs a Modern Approach to Health

The era we are living in today is fast paced and hectic. Never before was so much demanded from us! With modern technology comes the idea that we must be available 24//7 to deal with the demands of life. There have been many changes to modern life that has actually...

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